Bachelor’s Degree

Giorgi Mtatsmindeli Higher Educational Institution of Ecclesiastical Chant performs the ecclesiastic music & theological educational program at the first stage of the higher education (Bachelor’s Degree), foreseen by the subparagraph “D” of the first paragraph of Article 475 of the law of Georgia “On Higher Education.”

Article 1. Sphere regulated by the Rules


The present rule determines the rules and terms & conditions for the enrolment of students into the theological educational program of the Bachelor’s Degree course of Ecclesiastical Music at the Non-industrial (Non-commercial) Legal Entity, “Orthodox Theological Higher Educational Establishment – Giorgi Mtatsmindeli Higher Educational Institution of Ecclesiastical Chant” (hereinafter referred to as the “Higher Educational Institution.”


Article 2. Person having the right to pursue the Educational Program


The right to study the educational program foreseen by the first article of the present Rules is enjoyed only be the owner of the document certifying the complete general education issued by the state or by the person equaled to him/her.


Article 3. Enrolment into the educational theological program of the Bachelor’s Degree Course



  1. Enrolment into the educational program is made according to the results of the internal examinations of the Higher Educational Institution that are determined by the present rules – in case of overcoming the barrier of the minimal competence in the Georgian Language and Literature on the United National Examinations;
  2. For the enrolment into the educational program, there are established the following internal examinations:
  • Ecclesiastical chant and folk song – (form of the exam: viva voce);
  • Theory of music – (form of the exam – written – viva voce);
  • History of Georgia – (form of the exam – viva voce);
  • Principles of the Christian Teaching (Catechism) – (form of the exam – colloquial)
  1. Programs, regulations and dates of the internal examinations are determined by the act of the Rector of the Higher Educational Institution;
  2. With the aim to organize the internal examinations and to assess the results, as a minimum one week prior to the exams in the Higher Educational Institution, the relevant examination boards are created based on the act issued by the Rector;
  3. Each internal examination is assessed by the 100-point system. 51 points and more are regarded as positive assessment;
  4. In case if an institution entrant does not attend the examination and has no pardonable excuse, or in case if he/she had a negative assessment at the previous exam, he/she will not be admitted to the next examination;
  5. In case if an institution entrant does not attend the examination, but has a pardonable excuse, he/she will be granted the right to pass this examination no later than on 30 September;
  6. Enrolment into the educational programs will be made in view of the summarized results of all the exams approved by the Admitting Examination Board, according to the quotes of the places determined by the Higher Educational Institution – starting from the maximal point and downwards. In case of the presence of equal examination results the assessment obtained in the exam of the ecclesiastical chant and folk song will have advantage; and in case of equal points even in this module, the Admitting Board will take the decision about the enrolment of the Institution entrant.



Article 4. Results obtained in Georgian Language and Literature at the United National Exams


The Higher Educational Institution relies upon the transcript presented from the webpage of the National Examination Center as well as upon the assessments of the Legal Entity of the Public Law, which contain the points obtained at the examination of the Georgian Language and Literature.



Article 5. Enrolment into the Higher Educational Institution


  1. Enrolment of the student into the Higher Educational Institution occurs based on the agreement concluded between the student and the Institution;
  2. About those persons with whom the agreements, foreseen by the first paragraph of the present article, were concluded, no later than on 1st October each year there is compiled the united act of the head of the Higher Educational Institution. Within the term of 15 days since its publication, the act will be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.
  3. Enrolment of an university entrant into the Higher Educational Institution can be made only upon the presentation of the document attesting the complete general education acknowledged by the rule established by the valid laws as well as of the document certifying the military registration of the person who is subject to the military registration according to the rule established by the valid laws.





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