International Folklore Festival Parbeg laivelis
The students choir of Giorgi Mtatsmindeli High Educational Institution of Ecclesiastical Chant participated in the international folklore festival Parbeg laivelis which was held from 14-17 July, 2016.

The international folklore festival Parbeg laivelis is one of the largest celebrations of ethnic culture in Western Lithuania. It is arranged every second year in the port city Klaipeda. Its characteristic feature is the attention to authenticity.The main purpose of Klaipeda’s Ethnoculture Centre is to restore, to foster and to propagate the ancient Lithuanian traditions and customs. The centre is organizing traditional folklore festival “Parbėg laivelis” (“The ships are coming”) from 1992. The festival has had guests from France, Greece, Japan, India, Sweden, England, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Russia and other countries.

Performers from different Lithuanian regions and abroad are invited to the festival.The international folklore Festival will take place in the historical city of Klaipeda on the Baltic seacoast. The program of our festival includes the Parade of Festival folklore groups, folk performances on squares and in the streets of Klaipeda, friendships evenings for all participants, Handicraft Market, one of the core events is solemn ferrying “Songs and dances on ferry”, workshops, etc.

Parbeg laivelis is listed in the festival calendar of the international folk-art organization CIOFF under UNESCO.

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