Mission of Non-industrial (Non-commercial) Legal Entity, Orthodox Theological Higher Educational Establishment – Giorgi Mtatsmindeli Higher Educational Institution of Ecclesiastical Chant

The mission of Giorgi Mtatsmindeli Higher Educational Institution of Ecclesiastical Chant (hereinafter referred to as the “Institution”) is based upon the principles of Christian Orthodox faith as well as upon the high standards of professional and harmonious upbringing of the students. It claims to play a leading role in the total restoration and fortification of the multi-centennial Georgian traditional ecclesiastical chant in the process of divine service of the Georgian Orthodox Church. With this aim, the Institution undertakes to prepare the human resources of high competence via the implementation of educational programs of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree steps.

Another important objective of the Institution is to make its efforts in the matter of fundamental study of the outstanding phenomenon of the Georgian culture – the ecclesiastic chant and traditional music and to support its popularization/integration into the global cultural space by means of the Orthodox ecclesiastical musical science and artistic and methodical activities. With this aim, the Institution creates optimal conditions of teaching/learning and research by means of modern technical, mass-media and communication devices.

The Institution also cares for the facilitation of the employment of its students, by encouraging and developing the respective skills and abilities during the period of tuition as well as by the support of the alumni in seeking employment.

The main priorities of the Institution in the activities of teaching/learning as well as in that of the research:

  • Maximal realization of the personal potential with the development of knowledge and practical habits,
  • Orientation towards the academic and personal demands of the student,
  • High degree of responsibility,
  • Righteousness.

The Institution also cares for the introduction and strengthening of the principles of Orthodox morality, high civic consciousness and healthy way of life among the students and its employees.
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