The Georgian Chanting Foundation
The university’s primary donor is the Georgian Chanting Foundation. The university’s success is largely defined by the foundation’s support. Restoration and reinforcement of the university’s research component as well as infrastructure was really managed through the efforts of this foundation. The foundation has established special scholarships for honors students at the university. Since 2013, university graduates with high academic achievement have been employed by the foundation in various regions within Georgia, where they form chanters and singers choirs. In 2016, the project extended beyond Georgia and included parishes in Europe.
In 2017, a student employment project started operations through the initiative of the Georgian Chanting Foundation. The project’s goal is to support extant folk and chant choirs in the Georgian regions and renew their repertoire. In the years 2017-19, the project was implemented in the mountainous region of Achara, and in Samegrelo, Lechkhumi and Tianeti.

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