II Creative Studio

Leads one of the work-shops at the Giorgi Mtatsmindeli Higher Educational Institution of Ecclesiastical Chant, One of the founder and leader (1988-2007) of Anchiskhati Church Choir. Teacher at the Georgian Folk Music Department of Tbilisi State Conservatoire and theological Seminary.

Graduated from the faculty of musicology of Tbilisi State Conservatoire (specialized in folklore, 1990). His scholarly interest is focused on the revival of lesser known Georgian folk songs and ancient church chants, and the maintenance of the correct form of their performance manner. He directs folk ensemble Sakhioba and Mama Daviti Church choir.

Has published nearly 25 CDs with different ensembles; leads consultations for folk and church choirs in Georgia and abroad. Carries out field work activity. His works are dedicated to Georgian scale and the nature of Georgian multipart singing. Has published 9 collections of transcriptions of Georgian church hymns with his introductions.

Cell phones: 579 71 09 06, 599 72 65 46

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