Tamar Chkheidze

Associated Professor, Doctor of Art Studies

Head of Department of Ecclesiastical Musicology

Born on 25th May 1969 in Tbilisi.

Cell phone: 599 11 41 60


Work Experience
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In 1993 she graduated from the Faculty of Musicology of Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire, and in 1997, from the postgraduate course of the Faculty of Composition and Musicology with the specialty of Theory of Music.

In 1997 she defended the dissertation in Shota Rustaveli State Institute of Theatre and Cinema of Georgia, titled “Divine Liturgy in the Georgian Practice of Divine Service (Musical-Liturgical aspect)” and was awarded the degree of the Candidate of Art Sciences.

Since 1997 she works in Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire at the following positions:
1997-1999 – Research fellow at the Department of the Theory of Music;
2000-2005 – Teacher at the Department of the Theory of Music;
2001-2005 – Senior Teacher;
In 2005 she was elected at the position of Docent (Senior Teacher with the degree of the Candidate of Sciences);
2005-2013 – Deputy Head of the Office of Quality Management, and since 2013, Head of the same office;
Since 2005 she occupies the position of an Associated Professor.

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