III Creative Studio
The senior assistants of creative studio:

Davit Shugliashvili

Doctor of Musicology. A member of the Georgian Composers Union. Chanter of the Anchiskhati Church Choir. The specialist at the Georgian Folk Music Department of Tbilisi State Consevatoire

Graduated from the Musicology Department of Tbilisi State Conservatoire (folklore, 1990). Main sphere of his activity is Georgian Church chant.

Has published scientific works, including the ones on the traditions of Georgian Schools of Chant, on the polyphony of chants. Has published collection of transcriptions of Georgian church chants(2002, 2006) and Georgian fok songs (2005). Has participated in the field expeditions and various international scientific conferences and symposia.

Cell phone: 599 25 46 45


Levan Veshapidze

Ethnomusicologist, a member of Anchiskhati Church Choir and ensemble Kartuli Khmebi. Graduated from Musicology Department, specialty folklore, of Tbilisi State Conservatoire in 1996.

Board member at the State Folklore Centre of Georgia, participated in the preparation and publication of a number of Georgian sacred chant collections; plays Acharan chiboni, Rachan gudastviri and Abkhazian acharpan. Main field for activity Georgian folk song and sacred chant.

Cell phone: 599 57 45 96

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